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Editorial Guidelines

The purpose of our articles is to provide practical information and answers to our readers, to teach techniques across different disciplines that will be of interest to a broad audience.

This means using accessible language and avoiding overly specialized vocabulary wherever possible. Our articles can lead to genuine critical discussion of interpretations of facts, methods used, or theoretical options offered. Insinuations or personal attacks are not tolerated.

Desired Article Length

A minimum of 1000 words. To make articles easier to read, it's strongly recommended to subdivide them and include up to 5-6 subtitles. 2 links are accepted. You should provide the pictures. The pictures MUST be royalty free

References and Notes

Authors are encouraged to use all web resources to enrich the presentation of their articles: hyperlinks (preferably published at the end of the article in the "Further Reading" section), tables, images, and maps (content must be free to use). We do not tolerate duplicates or plagiarism of information and articles from other websites. If you find pertinent information on other sites, you must rephrase it in your own words without copying and pasting the content from another website to ours. We take care to analyze articles and sentences and can find the source of information.