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SEO for Medical Practice

How we Improved SEO for a Medical Practice - Step by Step Guide

Link building for growing SEO for a medical practice is an undeniably crucial aspect of SEO, and its significance cannot be overlooked. For those new to the industry it is important to understand why link building matters in SEO for a medical practice, as it directly influences a domain's performance in search engines. If you are struggling to get seen in the top 10 rows on google search then this article is for you. At Authenticbloggers we help clients grow SEO ranking for their medical practice.

5 guest blog backlinks were acquired to improve the ranking for this keyword at a total cost of $250

Often people are stuck on the fact that Domain Authority (DA) is the most important measurement when deciding to work with a blogger.

We are going to break down this stereotype with an example of how a niche domain with low DA and not much traffic can still bring targeted traffic to a website.

GOAL:  Enhanced SERP Rankings

Every marketer aims to secure a spot on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs), especially for their target keywords. Achieving this goal is only possible through active link building efforts. And the best part? It works. Our client who is in the medical field was averaging top positions on some low search keywords.

The top 2 keywords were searches for the specific name of the client. As you can see the search volume ranges between 70-90 people per month.

Our team at AuthenticBloggers noticed that there was 2 keywords that had very little competition and can bring the client an extra 2000 of organic visitors. The new keyword we found was “does my child have sleep apnea quiz.” The other keyword was “Do I have sleep apnea quiz?”

We chose to collaborate with and 4 other niche websites that were accepting guest posts.

If you look at the numbers, they are not really impressive from an SEO standpoint but because it is a niche website, it started bringing traffic on google analytics.

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Reason 1 – Get 5 backlinks from niche websites

Our team utilized a link building technique known as blogger outreach. This approach involves reaching out to bloggers and proposing guest posts. The idea is to persuade bloggers to allow you to contribute content to their websites in exchange for a backlink. This mutually beneficial arrangement enables bloggers to receive valuable content while helping you build links.

In the case of this medical client, since we already have established relationships with many bloggers we did not have to outreach to 500 to just get 30 replies.

We just sent 15 messages and got 8 replies back.

Our goal was to show them that testing kids for sleep apnea and adults is an important factor in maintaining good health and is also a public concern.

Since we have previously worked with these bloggers, they were very happy to publish the blog articles and to send the client a backlink.

Reason 2: Increased Referral and Organic Traffic

Link building efforts can significantly boost both referral and organic traffic to your website. When executed correctly, you may witness tangible results within a short span of 14 days.  In this case we saw results in just 4 days of publishing the guest post.

The data from google analytics shows us that this one guest post has already brought in 4 unique visitors. Now this is not HUGE but it shows the power of selecting the right guest post collaborations. Considering the fact that this client had at least 100 backlinks before collaborating with us and none are showing up as a referral link shows the strength behind our blogger partnerships.

Our plan with this client is to continue creating great content and pitching it to medical websites that are looking for guest blogs.

Our service of $800 includes the crafting and pitching of articles to guest blog sites in specific niches. With over 50 niche categories on, we do not run out of options for our clients.

From all the social media platforms this client is publishing on, the highest traffic still came from one blog article on a tiny medical website. Imagine when we secure him 5 large medical sites in the month of June. Plus, the bounce rate is an important factor to look at. The bounce for all social media was 100% versus the guest blog article we published, only has 50%.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a guest blog are the following:

  1. Are they in your niche?
  2. Do they have traffic? It is important to note that many websites who show high DA but zero traffic may not be the best fit when you are looking to drive traffic to a website. Also it could be a sign of a PBN (Private Blog Network)
  3. Are they reasonable for the cost of collaboration? We have some bloggers who want $200 and have zero traffic. We make sure the bloggers and publishers we work with have costs that match the quality of their website.

However, securing links from external websites is not without its challenges. Many SEO agencies have to approach hundreds of bloggers just to get a few backlinks.

Reason 3: Why Knowing Bloggers is Important

Implementing effective link building techniques can contribute to improved rankings for a broader range of keywords. Often though it is very stressful and expensive experience that leaves many brands unsure on how to grow their SEO rankings effectively.

Often people get excited when they put into Semrush keywords that they want to rank for and they see the top 10 blogger websites and get excited to contact them about a backlink.

In our experience, there is a 5% chance of working with a website that ranks on the top 10 results of a keyword search. The reasons behind this are the following:

  1. They have probably 100 brands a week emailing them about a guest post opportunity.
  2. They are way over your budget. I had one website who ranked on the top keyword for “sleep pillows” want $5000 for a backlink.
  3. 95% of them will never write you back.

Discovering the Potential of Guest Post Sites:

Leveraging the power of guest posting can unlock numerous opportunities to acquire valuable backlinks, elevate your website's authority, and enhance your search engine rankings. When you publish top-notch content on respected guest post sites, you not only attract organic traffic but also establish yourself as an industry expert. Nevertheless, the process of finding appropriate guest post sites can appear overwhelming without access to the necessary resources.

We hope that this article has empowered you to get control of your medical SEO strategy and start ranking on your target keywords.

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