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2023 Guest Blogging Report on Costs by Niche and Language has surveyed over 10,000 bloggers in 20 countries to get the real cost of guest posts across 48 niche categories.

We spent over 686 hours calling and sent over 50,000 emails to bloggers in our database to compile this report. This report has given us an insight into what bloggers are charging across multiple niches and languages.

This data is VERY USEFUL TO SEO agencies and marketers who are wondering what are the going rates for bloggers across multiple countries and niche groups. Moreover this data can be used as a negotiating tool when getting prices for bloggers. Often we get at least a 20% reduction on the backlink cost when we show them data from other bloggers in a similar niche, DA and traffic.

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Now there is a big debate among brands about whether it is ethical or not to pay for backlinks. At the end of the day, as a new brand, you will have a hard time to get people to backlink to you work really hard and really long in making long and insightful articles.

Now not everyone has the gift of writing so then what do you do? We all know the value of blogs and how they work in search ranking.

The purpose of bloggers and their blogs in terms of SEO is to provide high-quality, relevant content that attracts visitors to a website.

The more people that visit a website, the more likely it is that the website will rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Bloggers achieve this by creating engaging and informative content that is optimized for search engines. This includes using relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and title tags.

Now the pricing for backlinks varies greatly among the various niches. We have found that animal blogs have the lowest price and technology blogs the priciest. Some of our clients paid almost $2000 for a backlink on a technology website so we know how pricey this industry can be.



Here are some popular industries that would benefit from niche specific blogs in the technology space. If you need help with getting published in this niche category, we can help.

Software companies - often look to increase their visibility and authority of their products or services online.

Hardware manufacturers - they want to showcase credibility for their products and build relationships with potential customers.

Tech blogs or news websites - they need to increase their DA and traffic so often look at doing guest blogging.

IT service providers - backlinks can help demonstrate their expertise in specific areas of technology, which can help attract new clients and projects.

E-commerce stores selling tech products - backlinks can help improve their search engine rankings and increase their online visibility, which can lead to more sales and revenue.

Mobile app developers - backlinks can help increase the visibility of their apps in app stores and search engines, which can lead to more downloads and revenue.


If you are looking for websites that have a lot of traffic then News, technology and Apps & Software dominate the traffic of most searches online.

From our research we noticed that a backlink on a news site is cheaper than a more niche specific Technology or Apps & Software blog. With an average price of $379 for a published article on a news site of at least 100,000 daily visitors, you can expect to see some organic traffic as well.  So if you are a brand then I would suggest pitching your blog articles to news sites if your main goal is to get more eye balls on your articles.

Here are some tips when you pitch your articles to bloggers:

Tip 1: Make sure that they prepare the url of the article so it has a proper SEO structure. Not like this  but instead

Tip 2: Make sure that they do not change your backlink a month later. Always keep a list of all your backlinks and check every 3 months to see if the backlink has been changed. Some shady bloggers tend to re-sell backlinks for articles that were already paid for. If you see this happen, inform us and we will remove them from our blog directory.


When choosing a blogger for a backlink, there are a few things to consider:

Relevance: Look for bloggers who write about topics related to your website or business. A backlink from a blogger who writes about the same niche as your website will carry more weight than a backlink from a blogger in an unrelated niche.

At we have bloggers in over 40 niche categories so you can choose the blogger that best matches your needs.


Authority: Check the blogger's domain authority and page authority. Higher authority bloggers tend to have more influence and their backlinks carry more weight.
Quality of content: Look for bloggers who produce high-quality content. The quality of the content can affect the perceived value of the backlink.

Traffic: Look for bloggers who have a decent amount of traffic on their website. A backlink from a high-traffic website can help drive more traffic to your website.
Domain Authority and Trust Flow.

In our experience some bloggers are great collaborators with even with 500 search traffic.

For example in this range, you can often get a backlink around $30 and we have seen great improvements. If you are looking for a good deal on a backlink then work with foreign language websites especially if you have a term that you want to rank for that is not language specific. For example, if you have a term like LASIK which refers to lasik eye surgery then you can often get foreign blogs written with the keyword LASIK and get cheaper backlinks with high search volumes.

Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz, which predicts how well a website will rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is based on a 0-100 scale and is calculated by evaluating multiple factors such as the quality of the website's content, the number and quality of links pointing to the site, and the overall authority of the domain.

Trust Flow on the other hand, is a metric developed by Majestic SEO, which measures the quality of backlinks to a website. It is based on a 0-100 scale and calculates the level of trustworthiness of a website based on the number and quality of backlinks pointing to the site.

While both DA and TF are used to measure the authority and trustworthiness of a website, they are not directly related to each other.

For example, a website may have a high DA but a low TF if it has a large number of low-quality backlinks. Conversely, a website may have a low DA but a high TF if it has a few high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources.




Many of our clients are looking at getting German backlinks published since they are trying to grow their brand in Europe. A few notable clients in KuCoin, North American Lasik and Route4Me are all working on getting ranking in the German market. We have over 3000 bloggers in the German market with prices in our database.

Now the Germans can be quite pricey on their backlinks and are not really negotiable. So you have to keep in mind the costs to enter the German market with your product, especially if you want to grow in local SEO. The Germans expect perfectly translated blog articles and to be paid right away.

As of 2021, there are approximately 30 million active bloggers in Germany.

According to a survey by SIMILARWEB IN 2021, the most popular blogging platforms in Germany based on traffic volume are: - 64.81% - 6.81% - 4.04% - 3.92% - 2.71%

Note that and are technically different platforms, with being a self-hosted platform and being a hosted platform. The most common types of blogs in Germany are personal blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs, food blogs, and technology blogs.
According to a survey conducted by IFABER in 2020, the most popular blogging niches in Germany were:

Fashion and beauty - 25.8%
Lifestyle - 23.4%
Food - 18.9%
Travel - 17.6%
Technology - 14.2%
Health and Fitness - 13.8%
Photography - 9.1%
Finance - 8.7%
Parenting - 7.6%
DIY and Crafts - 6.3%

DomainCountryTrafficCategoryDABlogger Price 
www.zwei-euro.comGermany49457Entertainment30$ 598
www.xboxfront.deGermany1315Games & Cartoons44$347
www.wort-spielereien.deGermany47622Games & Cartoons22$239
www.wo-blumenbilder-wachsen.deGermany49593Building & Construction27$419.00
www.witze-paradies.deGermany11925Travel & Tourism16$516.00
www.wisst-ihr-noch.deGermany186883Apps & Software34$719.00
www.wintotal.deGermany373726Apps & Software58$355

According to a survey by Bitkom Research in 2020, 54% of Germans have read a blog in the past 12 months, and 17% of Germans have their own blog.
In terms of demographics, the majority of German bloggers are female (63%), and the most common age range is 25-34 years old.
The most successful German bloggers can earn upwards of €10,000 per month through advertising, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.
Popular German bloggers include Caro Daur (fashion), Bianca Heinicke (beauty), and Felix von der Laden (lifestyle and travel).


According to a 2021 study by eMarketer, there are an estimated 5.5 million bloggers in Canada, According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, the most popular blogging platforms in Canada in 2021 are:

WordPress - 59.1% of bloggers use WordPress
Blogger - 12.2% of bloggers use Blogger
Tumblr - 7.1% of bloggers use Tumblr
Medium - 6.3% of bloggers use Medium
Squarespace - 3.7% of bloggers use Squarespace
Wix - 3.3% of bloggers use Wix
Ghost - 1.5% of bloggers use Ghost
Weebly - 1.5% of bloggers use Weebly
Other - 5.3% of bloggers use other platforms making up about 18% of the population.

According to a study by the CANADIAN INTERNET REGISTRATION AUTHORITY (CIRA) in 2020, the most popular blogging categories in Canada were:

Lifestyle: 43% of Canadian bloggers write about lifestyle topics such as fashion, food, and travel.
Personal: 31% of Canadian bloggers write about personal experiences and thoughts, including mental health, relationships, and parenting.
Technology: 28% of Canadian bloggers write about technology and related topics, such as gadgets, software, and coding.
Education: 19% of Canadian bloggers write about education, including tutoring, teaching, and educational resources.
Business: 16% of Canadian bloggers write about business and entrepreneurship, including marketing, management, and finance.

DomainCountryTrafficCategoryDAPrice for Backlink


Number of bloggers: There is no exact number available, but it is estimated that there are over 6 million active bloggers in the UK.
According to Statista, the most popular blogging platforms in the United Kingdom as of January 2021, based on market share, are:

WordPress - 37.36%
Blogger - 20.87%
Medium - 4.68%
Wix - 2.98%
Ghost - 0.75%
Squarespace - 0.52%
Weebly - 0.34%
Joomla - 0.19%
Tumblr - 0.11%
Drupal - 0.09%

Most popular blogging niches: Lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and food are some of the most popular blogging niches in the UK. However, there are also many successful blogs covering topics such as technology, business, personal finance, and more.

Other interesting statistics:
According to a survey conducted by Vuelio, 60% of UK bloggers are female and 40% are male.
The majority of UK bloggers (57%) blog as a hobby, while 31% blog as a part-time job and 12% blog full-time.
Over 70% of UK bloggers use social media to promote their blogs, with Twitter and Instagram being the most popular platforms.

DomainCountryTrafficCategoryDABlogger Price Kingdom850579Entertainment $593 Kingdom517700Entertainment65$2,162 Kingdom251899Culture51$550 Kingdom215708Education47$294 Kingdom118880Business43$2,194 Kingdom113787News61$527 Kingdom88229Technologies49$1,015 Kingdom73902News39$230 Kingdom67480Finance16$267 Kingdom63074Home & Decor52$75


As a PR agency we have over 10,000 bloggers with prices in our database for the French markets. If you are looking to expand in French countries then please contact us and we will get you setup. In our experience we have found that French bloggers are fast to publish and have reasonable rates.

DomainCountryCategoryDABlogger Cost
zenidees.comFranceLifestyle21$ 140
yoomweb.comFranceTechnologies16$ 49
xboxsquad.frFranceTechnologies49$ 299
www.zvoon.netFranceApps & Software25$89
www.zonetronik.comFranceScience25$140 & Decor34$485$125
www.zerodechet-france.comFranceLifestyle25$ 30
www.zecbd.comFranceAlternative Medicine19$ 199
www.yuksekhome.comFranceLifestyle11$ 20
www.yubigeek.comFranceTechnologies33$ 80
www.xboxlivegold.frFranceEntertainment22$ 7
www.www.datops.frFranceCulture13$ 51
www.worldofmicro.frFranceApps & Software18$26
www.windmag.comFranceSports39$ 575
www.widilo.frFranceLifestyle36$ 575
www.widermag.comFranceOutdoor & Wildlife43$ 565
www.wemag.frFranceLifestyle34$ 25
www.wekyo.comFranceApps & Software42$ 128
www.webrefconcept.comFranceTechnologies12$ 10
www.webonews.frFranceApps & Software16$ 29
www.webmaman.comFranceBaby12$ 55
www.webgirondins.comFranceSports51$ 280
www.webfrance.comFranceBusiness38$ 189


In 2020, there are around 31.7 million bloggers in the US according to estimates, up from approximately 28 million bloggers in 2015. Surprisingly the age of most readers are between

Personal finance: Personal finance blogs are very popular in the United States, as people are always looking for ways to save money, invest, and plan for their future. According to Statista, the personal finance blog market is expected to reach a value of $1.14 billion by 2023.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle blogs cover a wide range of topics, including food, travel, fashion, beauty, and home decor. They appeal to a broad audience and are popular in the United States, with many bloggers having large followings on social media platforms.

Health and wellness: Health and wellness blogs are also popular in the United States, as people are increasingly interested in living a healthy lifestyle. These blogs cover topics such as fitness, nutrition, mental health, and self-care.

Technology: Technology blogs cover the latest gadgets, software, and other technological advancements. With the increasing use of technology in our daily lives, technology blogs have become very popular in the United States.

Food: Food blogs are another popular niche in the United States, with many bloggers sharing their favorite recipes, cooking tips, and restaurant reviews. According to a report by Research and Markets, the food blog market is expected to reach a value of $17.8 billion by 2027.

DomainCountryTrafficCategoryDAPrice forBlogger
zomgcandy.comUnited States6556Lifestyle36$54
yoga2all.comUnited States635Fitness24$57
yardhype.comUnited States4942Art31$59
xflnewshub.comUnited States34858Sports43$120
www.zzoomit.comUnited States1486Health & Wellness66$75
www.zerosuniverse.comUnited States3105Apps & Software18$46
www.zenithtechs.comUnited States1473Technologies19$73
www.zahipedia.netUnited States806Apps & Software34$139
www.youthhealthmag.comUnited States56Health & Wellness54$155
www.youmotorcycle.comUnited States6553Auto & Moto35$18
www.wtnzfox43.comUnited States1184News65$80
www.worthgram.comUnited States454Apps & Software31$218
www.womenentrepreneurindia.comUnited States1112Business17$40
www.womendailymagazine.comUnited States315Women50$140
www.wizardjournal.comUnited States894Business70$120
www.wirelessearbuds.bestUnited States390Technologies20$4
www.widoobiz.comUnited States4511Business52$769
www.whatispsychology.bizUnited States3746Health & Wellness45$166
www.wfxg.comUnited States43396News75$75
www.weraddicted.comUnited States1309Entertainment34$126
www.watchmetech.comUnited States203SEO & Marketing24$188
www.wallstreetsurvivor.comUnited States93028Business53$650
www.virtualedge.orgUnited States180845Business32$112
www.vintagevalueinvesting.comUnited States1819Home & Decor50$260


Often we get people who want to do their own outreach to bloggers and we totally encourage it. Basically on our platform you can search for bloggers by country, category, DA and traffic. Now we have taken most of the work out for you by providing you with the bloggers direct email contacts. Some bloggers even share their publishing costs.


However, if you don´t want to use our platform to find bloggers then you will need the following tools:

Email contact finding tool ($100/mo): find the contact who manages their blog

New domains + Gsuite ($50/mo): don’t send outreach from your main domain or you risk spam penalties.

Email marketing tool ($100/mo): to send the outreach, automate follow ups.

Content writers ($500/piece): Once your pitch is accepted (hint, you won’t get accepted unless you have a connection), you will need to write a 3,000 word article worthy of publishing on a domain of this caliber (hint: costs you at least $500 for a writer to do this, not including editing, project management time)